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  1. T. Smura and H. Hämmäinen, The Role of VoIP: Future Evolution Paths of Voice Communication, in Proceedings of 1st International CICT Conference, , 2004 (pdf)(bib)
    Abstract: This paper analyzes the future evolution paths of voice communications services. The focus is on defining the role and success potential of different types of VoIP services, ranging from IM-like doit- yourself VoIP to operator-managed VoIP services with QoS guarantees and PSTN interconnectivity. The paper proposes a simple model for voice service classification, and analyzes the end-user value and market potential of different VoIP services classes. The concepts of network effects and disruptive technologies form the framework for analyzing the evolution paths of voice communications from circuit-switched networks to VoIP services. Substitution effects between fixed, wireless, and mobile domains are recognized as an important factor affecting the success potential of VoIP services. Based on the discussion, some remarks are made regarding the QoS and pricing issues of different types of VoIP services.