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  1. R. Susitaival and S. Aalto, Providing Differentiated Services by Load Balancing and Scheduling in MPLS Networks, COST279, TD(03)03, 2003 (pdf)(bib)
    Abstract: The capability of MPLS of explicit routing as well as of splitting of the traffic on several paths allows load balancing. Using known load balancing algorithms as a starting point, the main goal of this paper is to formulate optimization problems that differentiate service classes in terms of mean delay. The differentiation is achieved by using both WFQ-scheduling and routing. We have approximated the upper and lower bound of ratio of mean delays between classes achieved by work-conserving scheduling. The load balancing algorithm and the algorithms to differentiate classes are implemented and tested. As a result it is found that the level of service differentiation achieved by scheduling is quite low. The use of routing provides more flexibility, but at the expense of longer mean delays.