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  1. S. Aalto and J. Virtamo, Practical algorithm for calculating blocking probabilities in multicast networks, COST257, TD(00)29, 2000 (pdf)(bib)
    Abstract: We consider a multicast network model, where a single server node is connected with a collection of user sites by a transport network with tree topology. A predefined set of dynamic multicast (i.e. point-to-multipoint) connections use this transport network, with the server acting as the source for all these connections and the receivers located at the user sites. Earlier analytic results concerning the calculation of blocking probabilities in this kind of multicast setting have been applicable, due to the so called state space explosion, only for networks with few multicast connections. In this paper we show that, by making certain restrictive assumptions, the exact calculation of the end-to-end blocking probability becomes feasible even for large networks with many multicast connections. The main assumptions are as follows: (i) all receivers have a uniform preference distribution when making a choice (to join) between the multicast connections, (ii) the mean holding time for any receiver to be joined to any connection is the same, and (iii) the capacity needed to carry any multicast connection on any link is the same.