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  1. S. Aalto, Optimal control of finite capacity batch service queues with general holding costs, in the 16th European Conference on Operational Research (EURO XVI), 1998, Brussels, Belgium (bib)
    Abstract: In a batch service queueing system customers are served in batches not greater than the service capacity. We consider the optimal control problem of such queueing systems with finite service capacity. The control problem involves the determination of the epochs at which the service is initiated as well as the sizes of the batches served. In the literature optimal solutions for this control problem have been found either by requiring that the holding costs be linear or the service capacity be infinite. However, recent studies made by the author have shown that, by considering the so called non-trivial service epochs, it is possible to solve the optimal control problem with more general holding costs and finite service capacity. In this presentation we review the most important results found by the author in this research area, and point out the questions still open.