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  1. P. Lassila, A. Penttinen and J. Virtamo, Dimensioning of wireless mesh networks with flow-level QoS requirements, in The 3rd ACM International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor, and Ubiquitous Networks (PE-WASUN 2006), 2006, Torremolinos, Spain (pdf)(bib)
    Abstract: We study dimensioning of wireless mesh networks with elastic traffic subject to flow-level performance constraints. The objective of the dimensioning is to provide order-of-magnitude estimates of the required transmission resources in the network. The results can be used to evaluate the feasibility and sensitivity of a given network scenario, consisting of node locations, the interference model and the traffic matrix. We apply a network model which incorporates the dynamic flow-level behavior and MAC layer wireless interference. We formulate the dimensioning problems for two capacity parameters resulting from different interference models. Furthermore, three approximation schemes are presented to facilitate the computations. The approaches are illustrated by numerical examples.