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  1. S. Aalto and P. Lassila, Flow-level stability and performance of channel-aware priority-based schedulers, in Proceedings of 6th Euro-NF conference on Next Generation Internet (NGI 2010), 2010, Paris, France, (received the Best Paper Award) (pdf)(bib)
    Abstract: Channel-aware scheduling in modern wireless networks enables the system to exploit the random rate variations across different users to increase the performance of the system. We analyze channel-aware priority-based downlink scheduling policies at the so-called flow level with a stochastically varying number of users. The priority can be any monotonously increasing function of the instantaneous rate of the user, which generalizes the well-known linear weight-based policies. Also, ties are allowed to occur within a user class, as well as between user classes. As the main result, we show which of these priority-based policies are stable under an intuitive necessary condition, which holds for arbitrary tie breaking rules and is independent of the flow size distribution. Additionally, for the policies for which the necessary condition is not sufficient, a more stringent condition is derived that guarantees stability in the case of two traffic classes. Finally, extensive simulations have been performed to compare the performance of different priority-based and utility-based policies, including experiments with size-based tie breaking heuristics.