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  1. J. Nousiainen, J. Virtamo and P. Lassila, On the Achievable Forwarding Capacity of an Infinite Wireless Network, in Proceedings of ACM MSWiM, pp. 151-159, 2010, Bodrum, Turkey (pdf)(bib)
    Abstract: We consider the problem of finding the maximum directed packet flow that can be sustained in an infinite wireless multihop network. This ability of the network to relay traffic is called the forwarding capacity, and the problem appears when the spatial scales corresponding to the end-to-end paths (routing) and the neighboring nodes (forwarding) are strongly separated in a massively dense network. We assume a Boolean interference model and the infinite network is approximated with a finite but large network where the node locations form a spatial Poisson process. We study two imperfect ways to schedule the transmissions resulting in lower bounds for the capacity. In path scheduling the packets traverse the network using predefined paths that do not interfere with each other, and coordination is thus required only between the nodes of a path. In greedy maximum weight scheduling, the transmissions are scheduled greedily according to queue-length based weights of the links. In addition to a fixed transmission radius, we consider greedy maximum weight scheduling with a transmission radius adjustable up to a given maximum. We are able to produce numerical results that characterize the achievable forwarding capacity under global coordination of the transmissions, providing, e.g., concrete points of reference for practical distributed implementations.